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Are you worried about your love life? Are you getting fed up with your passion-less sex life? 

Well, worry not, we have compiled some professional tips to help spice up your sex life. It’s a common problem nowadays, couples with longer relationships often tend to lose interest and passion in their sex life – consequently, they give up on sex and get themselves a useless depression. 

Research show that desire for sex in a relationship often fades away within a year. There are no overnight-solutions to this problem, so you need patience and consistency. Adding spice into your sex life demands thought, passion, and positive energy. 

Read these tips carefully and practice them to spice up your sex life!

1. Sex Education

If you want to spice up your sex life, having a good education about sex and intimacy is of significant value. You and your partner should get involved in learning and acquiring knowledge about topics like sexual intimacy, sexual intercourse, and healthy sex practices. 

There are plenty of sources to find and collect information about sex. You can seek help from sexologists, relationship counselors, and sex therapists to remove sexual difficulties. You can consult with clinical psychologists as well to have expert advice on improving your sex life. You can share your sexual problems with your partner and look for a solution together. 

If you’re too shy of talking it to the doctor or a therapist, you can try looking for information on the internet. As sex is an important topic, you should be able to find sufficient and appropriate information to diminish distances and heat things up in your bed!

2. Toys are Fun

Toys are fun, not just for children but for adults as well. To add a little fun into your sex life, you can always ask your partner to bring some toys into your sexual routine. There are many types of erotic and adult toys which are available for both men and women. 

You can find these toys in different markets and order them online as well. Sit with your partner, explore each other’s fantasies, and select your erotic toys accordingly. You can use beads, vibrators, dildos, and many other types of toys as per your partner’s desires and comforts. 

There are many benefits of using sex toys; they not only spice up your sex life but also help release stress. Vibrators can help discover areas where it appeals the most – you can tell it to your partner to really spice things up in bed.

3. Try ‘Sexting’ 

Text messages were just text messages a couple of years ago. These days, you can add sex into texting, which makes it ‘sexting.’ You can give it a try and see your sex life getting better. A short sexy text message is often as appealing as cuddling. 

By suggesting ‘sexting,’ we don’t mean that you should go all-in with this strategy. Bombing your partner’s smartphone with X-Rated messages wouldn’t be a good idea, however. 

You can do it in a cool way that would be appealing to your partner. Try recalling the last time you really enjoyed sex with your partner. Try to remember the date, day, place, and any other details – this is important. Now that you have recalled your erotic memories, share these erotic memories with your partner. Tell them how you felt, like “hey, I was thinking about the last time we went camping. It was wonderful, can’t help thinking about that”.

4. Get Thrilled

Thrill and adventure are deeply associated with sex as they trigger adrenaline in your body. The adrenaline, when released into your body, is compensated by dopamine. Dopamine gives your body a unique pleasure and arouses sexual hormones. 

To boost your libido and enjoy healthy sex life, you can go on adventure trips and do hiking & camping – these activities will release adrenaline into your body, and your sex hormones will be activated. Ask your partner to get involved in thrilling and adventurous activities with you. 

An outdoor activity which triggers adrenaline is much better than a romantic date which does nothing. Spice up your sex life by adding thrill-filled activities into your life like camping, hiking, and mountain climbing. A night out in the open, a camp-fire and a thrilling uphill walk can do much better than a romantic dinner in a fancy restaurant when it comes to your sex life. If you cannot afford to go on adventure trips, you can always try working out together, an exercise with your partner helps big time.

5. Do Kegels Daily

Kegel exercise is also known as pelvic floor exercise. It is a unique exercise wherein you recurringly relax and contract your kegel muscles. Kegels also refers to pelvic floor muscle training. There are numerous benefits of kegel exercise.

In women, it helps relax the vagina as it involves relaxing and contracting repeatedly – this allows smoother and painless vaginal intercourse. Kegels can really spice up your sex life by allowing better blood flow, vaginal lubrication, and arousals – all these factors help in reaching the orgasms that you and your partner deserve. 

Add Kegels into your daily routine and see how things spice up in your sex life. Kegel is an easy exercise, and it certainly affects intimacy and sexual pleasure for both men and women. If a woman is doing Kegels, she’ll have strong muscles, and this will help in reaching the orgasm. Additionally, men feel more pleasure when their penis tightly compress into the vagina and yet lubricate for smooth movement.

6. Use Essential Oils

Essential oils have great health benefits in general. They extract from a variety of plants and can be used in numerous ways. We know many therapeutic benefits of essential oils, for instance, reducing acidity, inflammation, and for curing a cold and cough. 

Surprisingly, these plant extracts also help in improving your sex life. Essential oils are not aphrodisiac, but they contain similar properties which help boost libido and perform better in bed. These oils can treat low libido and erectile dysfunction. 

Clary Sage, Lavender, Sandalwood, and Ylang Ylang are some essential oils which can get you in an intimate mood. Sniffing Ylang Ylang causes a feeling of euphoria, and you can have euphoric and ecstatic sex. Women who inhale sandalwood are likely to have a better mood and higher desire for sex. Similarly, inhaling Levander also helps – it vanishes stress and decreases anxiety.

7. Explore New Positions 

Sex is more of a journey than a destination. Explore different body parts of your partner, which are more sensitive. Explore new sex positions and get to know your partner’s favorite sex style. Ask your partner how they would like to engage with you in bed. 

There are different things you can do while exploring. There are different sex styles; you should get to know yours first. You need to know whether it’s ‘sealed off sex,’ ‘solace sex,’ or ‘synchrony sex.’ Sealed off sex is more like a quickie, where partners don’t feel much connection, Solace sex offers both partners the reassurance and Synchrony sex is the best type of sex where partners feel emotionally connected, responsive and yes, erotic.

Try to make little changes that could really spice up sex life and have better sex with your partner. Try switching the roles, from dominant to submissive and vice versa. Communicate your positional desires with your partner and take care of theirs too. 

8. Aphrodisiac Foods 

Aphrodisiac foods are those who help boost libido and improve sexual performance. There are many foods which fall under this category, including many nuts, oyster, ginseng, avocados, honey, strawberry, etc. 

Recent studies show that ginseng is very effective in improving the sexual health of men. Other aphrodisiac foods like pepper, chocolate, and oysters improve mood in women. These foods contain different vitamins, including vitamin B, C, and E. 

Nuts and oysters contain zinc, which really helps boost libido and perform better in bed. Should you want more fun-filled sex life, make these aphrodisiac foods a part of your daily routine. 


Now that we know a thing or two about boosting up libidos and spicing up our sex lives, we hope that the above points will be of significant importance to you. Read them thoroughly and implement them carefully; you should be able to bring a new spark in your sex life.

These suggestions work well and will spice up things in your sex life just like they did in the lives of those who tried. Introduce your partner to new activities, new sex positions, add new items in your diet. So, it’s time to get thrilled, and perform exercises – you will see a massive improvement in your sex life!

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October 18, 2019

Great tips! My girlfriend and I are looking into incorporating toys into the bedroom! We love lavender oils and lotions because they easily relax us both :)


September 03, 2019

I just received my first elite spice box and it exceeded my expectations. Can’t wait for the next one!


August 31, 2019

I love it! I’ve been with Spicy subscriptions for over a year now and enjoy every box my husband and I receive.

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