Adult Pasties

Add a perfect accessory to your wild sex nature and surprise your partner with our sexy range of nipple pasties and nipple covers. Specially crafted for women who think fun and sex are meant to be together. Our best nipple pasties and covers are reusable and come with self-adhesive. And yes, these x-shaped best nipple covers are perfect for those braless days too! Shop them today.

Sexy Nipple Pasties For Women

Pasties cover your nipples. Traditionally, they have been used by strippers to circumvent the topless regulations in some states.

However, pasties are now more common in the bedrooms of ordinary women who want to tease their special someone. Sexy nipple pasties are a fun way for a woman to spice things up in the bedroom. Also, they can make a creative, sexy gift for your partner.

Why Nipple Pasties?

Nipple pasties are now not exclusive to strippers. However, even on ordinary women, they serve the same purpose: teasing and flirting. Behind closed doors, any woman wants to please her man.

Pasties for women come in different styles, shapes, and designs. The traditional pasties are black and round-shaped with dangling tassels. Modern designs can be anything from a velvet love-heart to a sparkly cross.

Pasties are versatile; you could wear them on their own, or accessorize the look with sexy lingerie such an open cup bra, an under bust corset, or a matching set of knicker and stocking. Beyond the bedroom, you can use pasties instead of strapless bras.

Pasties nipple covers come with disposable tape, while some are self-adhesive. Either way, the skin needs to be clean and dry (free from oil or moisturizer) to reduce the chances of the pasties falling off.

Find The Best Nipple Pasties At Spicy Subscriptions

There are lots of places you can buy pasties. What you will find in a lingerie store, mostly, are bland pasties used to conceal nipples when wearing backless dresses. The flashier pasties, the ones that complement the bedroom, are harder to find.

Here, at Spicy Subscriptions, we provide different pasties nipple covers, including the Neon Pasties. These x-shaped and self-adhesive x-shaped pasties. Their glow-in-the-dark nature adds to the flirtatious and teasing nature of ordinary pasties.

Visit our Adult Pasties section to buy the best nipple pasties for women!

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