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Spice up your love life with our erotic range of natural sex lubricants and lotions for women. Our lightly-scented and water-based solutions are made with the best ingredients. Choose from a variety of refreshing flavors like Cherry, Strawberry, Mint, and Chocolate, etc. Our dermatologically tested body lotions and lubricants are a perfect choice to make your quality time more exciting. And yes, they are safe to use with condoms! So women out there - Say bye-bye to that bothersome vaginal dryness and lube it up for immense pleasure.


It's time to spice up your sex life with the best personal lubricant. Yes, you can lubricate your and your partner's sexual organs with the best lubricant for sex. After all, wetter is better when we talk about bedroom performance. 

Many men and women, due to stress, emotional, and physical distress, can experience a decrease in natural wetness. So adding a little bit lube in a mix helps insertion without any pain and discomfort. Often women suffer from vaginal dryness; if you are one of those women, then here we have an extensive collection of the best lube for women. These lube help enhance overall sensation. 

Lesser friction results in a significant increase in the 'staying time,' and usually, men tend to last longer, prodding away at their partner. Men also choose the product from our best lubricates for men collection. We've sorted everything for you!

But Why Choose Natural Personal Lubricant By Spicy Subscriptions?

Often time women experience dryness in the vagina and shy to talk about it. The condition gets weird at bedtime. Moreover, many men experience pain and feel uneasy dealing with dry vagina and tightness. It can badly result in a decrease in sex drive, which is, of course, uncomfortable and unpleasable at times. 

So what's the solution? Well, the answer is right here! 

We've got an extensive collection of natural lubricant for sex. Not only these sex lubes make sex pleasurable, but they also help to prevent damage to the soft vagina tissues, which might get easily hurt due to dryness and extreme friction. 

Choose The Best Lubrication For Men

A well-lubricated penis results in exceptionally satisfying sex and stimulating orgasms. You can get personal lubricant water-based formulas to get your sex drive a bit of excitement.

Choose the best fruit lubes by Spicy Subscription!

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