Looking to add some more fun to your sex routine? If yes, then what can be better than our fun-filled adult subscription box for married couples. We curate these products so that you can give sexy surprises to your partner and ramp up the pleasure. Each monthly sex subscription box has the perfect toys, lotions, lubes, and fascinating accessories that will take your sex trip to the next level. Choose one as per your sexual preferences and get ready for the real fun!

Sex Toy Subscription Boxes for Couples!

You do care about your sex life. Therefore, you are continually looking for new ways to spice your bedroom game. For that reason, you should consider a sex toy subscription box or subscription boxes for couples.

What Is A Sex Box Subscription?

A sex box subscription box delivers sex toys and other sex-related products. The apparent advantage is discretion, as you do not have to visit or pick products from a store. 

The Spice Box: The Best Monthly Sex Subscription Box

Here at Spicy Subscriptions, we offer the best subscription gifts for couples. We call our romance subscription box the Spice Box. 

The Spice box contains an assortment of intimacy products. We carefully handpick these products from the best manufacturers around the country. With our fun subscription boxes, you do not have to look over your shoulder as you shop for a sex toy. We deliver what you need in a discreetly wrapped gift box. 

The Spice Box monthly subscription boxes for couples are the most popular among our customers. However, you can choose other subscription plans, such as 3-month, 4-month, and 8-month. For the naughtier couples, we also have a bi-monthly sex subscription box. 

The Elite Spice Box: The Best Sex Subscription Box

We provide a premium sex gift box called the Elite Spice Box. This quarterly adult subscription box contains 1 or 2 deluxe toys, 1 or 2 lubricants, and 5 to 7 intimate items. 

Other Sex Monthly Subscription Boxes

If you are only interested in sex toys, you can subscribe to our Toy of the Month service. It is a sex toy subscription that delivers the best toy our experts identify every month. The toy of the month is one of the best subscription boxes for women. 

We also understand lubrication is an issue most couples would like to address. That’s why we have the Lube of the Month service that delivers one carefully selected lubricant every month. 

Spice Up Your Sex Life With The Best Subscription Boxes For Married Couples

Spicy Subscriptions is committed to spicing up your sex life. With our subscription boxes for couples, you will discover new adult intimacy items, massage oils, lubricants, and even romantic candles. These sex subscription boxes will take your intimate moments to a new level.

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