February 19, 2018 4 min read

If it is something that you and your partner have never talked about before,finding a way to bring up the possible use of sex toys is far from the easiest thing to do for most people.

It's normal to be concerned that by doing so you might scare them, offend them or even put them off you,but if you go about doing things in the right way adding sex toys into your personal intimate mix may be a lot easier than you imagine. Here are some of our top tips for spicing up your sex life with sex toys the right way.

Test the Waters

If your partner has never mentioned sex toys, but you are pretty sure you'd like to test some outyou don't have to dive right in with a blunt statement to that effect if you are not sure how it will be received.

Instead test the waters in a light-hearted manner at first. Try 'accidentally' surfing to the Spicy Subscriptions website when your partner is near your computer and then ask them, in a rather off-hand manner"Would you like to try some of those?" or "Don't you think that kind of looks like fun? "

If they seem willing to at least carry on the conversation you should. Try suggesting you sign up (you can always cancel) and see how they react then.

Reassure Them It's Not a Knock on Them

One of the biggest reasons people are afraid to use sex toys if that they think a partner will 'replace' them with the toy, or, worse still, that their partner is unsatisfied with them and isseeking a way to try to make a bad sex life better.

To help allay those fears when discussing the possible use of sex toystake the time to reassure your partner that it's nothing to do with dissatisfaction with them, or replacing them,but with making things even more exciting and trying something new, together.

It's rather like choosing to go somewhere new on holiday or going to a new restaurant.Yes, you love Pizza Hut, but isn't it nice to try out somewhere else one in a while too?The same can be said of your sex life and toys.

Do Offer to Shop for Both of You

Yes, there may be a certain toy you are dying to try out,but what about your partner? If they have shown they are willing to consider the idea, is there another toy that they are more interested in?If so you should make a point of offering to purchase both.

One reason ourSpicy Subscription boxes are so popular by the way is that every monthyou get a selection of toys and accessories to try outand they are chosen with couples in mind.Basically, there's something for everyone!

Don't Start Too Big

When introducing sex toys into your relationship it's usually better to 'start small'. Yes, that very complex looking gadget looks interesting,  but also kind of scary if this is all new to you both,so slow and steady will 'win the race' here.

You also have no real idea at the beginning just what you might enjoy. You can read all the reviews in the world (and they can be helpful) but until you actually try something, you won't be sure whether or not it 'works' for you. And spending a lot of cash on a sex toy that then lies at the bottom of a drawer never to see the light of day again is a big waste.

Tooting our own horn again a bit here (why not?) this is another advantage of aSpicy Subscriptions monthly box. They are relatively inexpensive, so if one of the offerings is not quite you think it's OK, youwon't have to feel too bad about 'wasting the money'.

No Surprises. Ever

The one thing you should never do is spring a sex toy on a partner out of the blue in the middle of a session. Even if you are doing so with the very best of intentions, introducing a sex toy without discussing it firstcan seriously backfire on you.

Make sure that your partner is aware of your desire to experiment with a sex toy beforehand and that they understand why and what it is. They can be a lot of fun and a great way tospice up a relationship but used in the wrong way they can also be a relationship breaker.

Respect a No

Sex toys can be fun and they can certainly add a lot to even the best physical relationships.However, if your partner is simply not up to the idea,you should accept their decision and respect it. Continually harping on about the subject when, after a discussion, your partner has rejected it can only ever be a bad thing.

Remember, It's All About Having Fun!

We have got a little serious here about the issue of introducing sex toys into a relationship, haven't we? And yes, that 'sex toy' chat can be an awkward one at first. But in the end, it's all about having fun, and that's something not to lose sight of.

These toys aren't supposed to be magic.And making use of them (or not) should never be considered 'essential' to your sex life.It’s important to remember why you want to try sex toys in the first place. It’s because sex is fun, and you want to make it even more fun!

Ready to Spice Up Your Sex Life?

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