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Quick Answers


Typically - You receive your box the month after you initially joined. For example, if you were to join on September 18, 2018 - you will not be billed until October 1st, 2018 and will be shipped your October box within the 1st 10 days of October. However - if you join before the 15th of September - you will still receive a Spice Box for that month. You will be charged around the 15th and shipped a box immediately. 4 month and 8 Month subscriptions will be billed up front.

After your 1st payment - your normal billing schedule will fall on the 1st of the month if you are a MONTHLY subscriber. 4 Mont and 8 Month subscribers will be billed on the same day they join.


Shipping Date: Your subscription will typcially ship from our warehouse in Chicago, Illinois. Please refer to the above for details on when your box will be shipped based on when you joined in the month.

Shipping Time: If you live in the US, you will be e-mailed a USPS tracking number and it will take roughly 2-4 days to ship through Priority Mail. If you are in Canada, you will receive your box about 5-7 days after your neighbours to the south. Similarly, International subscribers may receive their box about 7-10 days after US subscribers.

Frequently Asked Questions By Spicy Subscribers

Signing Up & What's Inside

How Do I Sign Up For Spicy Subscriptions

It’s Simple - and only takes a few minutes. - Just click here to select your plan and checkout.

How Much Does it Cost?

Spicy Subscriptions offers multiple options. You can choose from the Spice Box ($34.95/month) and the Toy of the Month ($24.95/month). Shipping is free. Click here or more details.

What is the Difference Between the Spice Box and the Toy of the Month?

The Spice Box is a curated box of products which includes an assortment of romantic items meant to help spice things up! The Toy of the Month is simply one deluxe toy every month! The Toy that you will receive in the Toy of the Month will NEVER be the same as the toys in the Spice Box.

With the Spice Box, Will I Receive a Toy Every Month?

Yes, absolutely.. you will receive a Toy every month, or as we like to call it, an “Intimate Item”. Please keep in mind that the toy in the Toy of the Month subscription will ALWAYS be different than the toy in the Spice Box subscription. Don’t forget it!


How Do I Update My Address?

To update your address, you can login into your account and change your shipping info through your profile. You must update your address by the 30th/31st of every month in order for your box to be sent to your new address

I’m a 4-/8-Month Subscriber, does my subscription renew?

Yes. All subscriptions auto-renew unless given a notice of cancellation.

Box & Contents

What if I receive a broken or missing product or sample?

If your sample is damaged or missing, please write to us at info@spicysubscriptions.com. We will help you out!

Is my Spice Box customized? Will I love the products?

In the near future, we will be allowing you to customize the boxes. Some products & samples are sent to everyone - these products are chosen carefully to ensure that they'll work for a wide range of interests. Other products & samples are chosen specifically for your particular needs.

What if I don't like the contents I receive?

We hope you do! But if you don't, please tell us. Feedback is important to us and we promise to respond. In the meantime, pass the products & samples on to some lucky friends!

I have allergies to certain products and ingredients. What do I do?

Unfortunately, we are not able to guarantee that your box won't contain any specific products or ingredients. Because we take allergies seriously and we don't want to over-promise and under-deliver, we cannot accommodate allergies. We understand if that makes it hard for you to begin or continue our service, but we hope you'll stick with it and we encourage you to give the occasional trouble products away to a friend!


Is Shipping Discreet?

Yes! Absolutely. Your package will arrive with a label saying “SS Inc.”. So don’t worry - nothing to be scared about!

How Can I Track My Package?

When your box ships, the email associated with your account will receive a tracking email.

I Haven’t Received My Box! What’s Going On?

Settle Down There! Our boxes ship within the 1st 10 days of the month. However, if you still haven’t received your box by the 11th of the month (and you are in the US), there could be a slight delay. You will be notified on the 11th of a given month when there is a delay. We work hard at Spicy Subscriptions so we’ll do our best to make sure this doesn’t happen. Please check our Contact page for updates as well.

My Tracking Information is not updating - Why is this?

If your tracking information has not updated, it is likely because your package is in transit and USPS has yet to update the tracking information by scanning the package. Be patient, your tracking information will update and you will receive your box. Once we have shipped the boxes, we’ll ask that you refer to your tracking information as that is the only information we will have about your package as well.

What if I receive a broken or missing product or sample?

If your sample is damaged or missing, please write to us at info@spicysubscriptions.com. We will help you out!

I'm from outside of Canada and the United States, can I still subscribe?

Yes! You can. We ship to Canada for an additional $5.00 fee and we ship outside of the USA and Canada for an additional $10.50 fee. When you are checking out, please verify if your country is listed on our checkout page and if it is not, please e-mail us to have it added.

I am in the Military and have an APO Address, Can I join?

Yes Sir! You certainly can! First, please sign up at our website using your normal credit card information - then please send us your shipping information in the following format to info@spicysubscriptions.com

Please do not forget to include yourself or your partner's (service member) full name. More information can be found here.

CPT JOHN DOE UNIT 2050 BOX 4190 APO AP 96278-205

What if I want to change my address?

You can log into your account online to change your shipping address. In addition, you can also update your billing address and credit card information from your account.

What is your shipping policy? Do you offer free shipping?

Shipping is free to the USA. There is an additional $5 fee to Canadian & $10.5 fee to International subscribers.

Video Reviews

We just did a Video Review - What Next?

First of all - You’re awesome! Thanks for doing a review! When you do a review, please e-mail us at info@spicysubscriptions.com and we’ll be sure to make a note to include an extra product in your next months subscription!