December 10, 2017 3 min read

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, so why not plan ahead and send you and your partner to dizzying and orgasmic heights? Our top 10 couples sex toys are the perfect way to spend a not-so-quiet evening in...



The clue is DEFINITELY in the name with this one! This clever little device promises to send a whopping 8 different vibrating pulses to your clitoris and your G-spot simultaneously - and it won't get in the way of your partner as you embark on one of the sexiest nights together yet! Happy Valentine's Day, girls...

£120, Ann Summers

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The ultimate in couple's luxury, the Lelo Tor 2 is a rechargeable cock ring with some of THE most intense (and whisper-quiet) vibrations yet! It's the ultimate way to get ultra-close when getting down and dirty with your man this Valentine's Day...

£78.99, Love Honey

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Get Zen with your partner today and bag yourself one of these couples massagers, asap! Shaped like the Yin-Yang symbol, the Joya Sphere Couples Massager is inspired by the concepts of balance and completeness, breaking down into two ultra-fantastic feeling massagers. The white half promises five steady speeds of vibration, while the black side offers thrilling pulsation and intermittent settings - use anywhere you can think of to get pulses racing in the bedroom this weekend...

£99, Sh! Women's Store

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Whoever said Valentine's Day had to be expensive? This cheeky little gift is a total bargain and a surefire route to toe-curling orgasms - the devil horns ensure enhanced stimulation for you and that vibrating ring which gives added pleasure for him. Love is about sharing everything - so why not share your orgasms, eh?

Durex Little Devil, £6.99, Durex

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What could be hotter than having a steamy affair with your partner this Valentine's Day? This ultra-sexy boardgame has been specially created to get temperatures soaring, challenging you and your special someone to try out something new, something exciting and something ultra-sizzling... all at the throw of a dice. Why not dim the lights, pour youselves a glass of wine and have a night IN just year?

£24.99, Love Honey

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This little lovely looks like an egg at first glance, but it's got an extra sexy secret. Open it up and you'll find two separate vibrators that pull apart, one for him and one for you. The inverted side is for him, cradling and teasing his extra-special areas, and the rigid side is for you - think double the pleasure, as it gets your clitoris and labia buzzing at the same time. Definite must-have for couples looking to amp up the pleasure in the bedroom!

£139.99, Desire And Pleasure

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This wearable vibe is an oh-so-simple way to turn up the heat in the bedroom this Valentine's Day. Not only does it give you double pleasure with clitoral and G-spot attention, but the vibration on the head of his penis feels amazing for him too - meaning everyone's happy. Very happy. Ecstatic, even...

£60, Sh! Women's Store

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There's been a buzz (ha!) around the We-Vibe 3 for sometime and it's easy to see why - this couples vibrator has been perfectly designed to add extra hot pleasure to your lovemaking - every single time. It'll stimulate your clitoris and G-spot, while leaving enough room for him, and soon tip you oh! oh! OH! over the edge...

£124, Coco De Mer

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Whoever said three had to be a crowd, eh? This vibrator is like an extension of his hand, letting him determine the exact way it stimulates you, and can be used for dizzyingly orgasmic penetration or ever-important clitoral stimulation. Seriously couture orgasms - and worth every last penny!

£119.99, Passion8

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Ultra-luxe and ultra-stylish, this gorgeous couples vibrator is designed to be worn around his penis for spine tingling pleasure. Think 6 indulgent vibration intensities, all of which can be adjusted at just a flick or tilt of the wrist; slowly build your way up from featherlight gentle vibrations to increased, all-consuming titillation. Now THAT'S an amazing way to spend Valentine's Day!

£124, Coco De Mer

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