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Not all rabbit vibrators are created equal. In fact, rabbit vibrators are just a descriptive term for a sub-category of dual action vibrators, which are designed for simultaneous vaginal penetration and clitoral stimulation. Rabbit vibrators have become extremely popular in no small part because of the feature role the Rabbit Pearl captured in an episode of "Sex in the City." But there is a world of difference between a genuine Japanese rabbit vibrator and a cheap knock off.

History of Rabbit Vibrators
The story I’ve heard from several sex toy industry veterans is that it was one Japanese sex toy manufacturer who invented the rabbit. Before him, all vibrators were cylindrical and straight. They could be used for penetration or for external stimulation, but never both at once. This particular manufacturer knew that most women need clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm. He also knew that women and their partners would sometime use their fingers to add clitoral stimulation during sexual intercourse. He decided to put a “finger” on the shaft of a vibrator to add clitoral stimulation. Visually, he drew on the Japanese tradition of having spirits and animals carved on sexual objects; instead of putting an actual finger on the vibrator, he used a rabbit, creating the first rabbit vibrator.

Choosing Rabbit Vibrators

Here are a few of the differences between rabbit vibrators, and things to consider before you buy.

Material: The best materials for rabbit vibrators are elastomers and silicone. Most rabbit vibrators are still made from a kind of mystery jelly rubber, and those should be used with condoms.

Size of shaft: You can get rabbit vibrators with shafts of different diameters. Keep in mind that to feel the clitoral stimulation, you will usually have the shaft all the way in, so make sure you pick a size that’s comfortable (even as you’re getting turned on).

Beads or no beads: Classic rabbit vibrators have beads in the shaft, which rotate as the shaft rotates. Many women find the feeling of the beads around the vaginal opening to be very pleasurable. Some also find that the beads, when positioned in the right way, can stimulate the g-spot. Rabbit vibrators that have a perfectly straight shaft with beads don’t provide as intense stimulation as those where the beads stick out a bit on the shaft, creating a kind of bulge.

Style of vibration: Rabbit vibrators usually come with separate controls for the speed of vibration in the rabbit and the speed of rotation of the shaft. Some allow you to change the direction of the rotation, and others come with pulsating and escalating type vibration. For most people, the standard variable speed controls are sufficient, and buying a non-Japanese, poorer quality rabbit vibrator with more bells and whistles isn’t necessarily the best use of your money.

Tips on Using Rabbit Vibrators

There’s no right way to use rabbit vibrators. You should note, however, that they do have a unique movement that will feel unfamiliar at first. If it’s your first time with a rabbit vibrator, you may find the following tips on how to use rabbit vibrators some help.

Reviews of Rabbit Vibrators
Buying sex toys is an extremely subjective activity, and I don’t believe anyone can tell you what the right or best sex toy will be for you. Getting rabbit vibrators from a good sex shop and reading customer reviews can help. My advice is to start simple and stick to better quality toys if you can afford them. This means choosing something like the Pearl Rabbit or Rabbit Habit over a rabbit vibrator with flashing lights and 30 different vibration settings that happens to also be $45.


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