December 11, 2017 2 min read

The best (Staff tested!) vibrators, bullets, and yes, fluttering oral-sex simulators out there.

So…sex toys sort of scare you. Not to worry: Introducing a motorized device to your Delicate Flower can be a downright delightful experience with these small, sweet products for beginners.

1. Babeland Silver Bullet ($15,

"Two inches of pure sexual secret weapon. Use it alone, or pulse it on your clitoris during sex. Turn the speed up and never fake an orgasm again. It's the little black dress of sextoys. Everyone needs one." —Ann M., 32

2. Fun Factory UFO ($80,


There's a reason why this is JimmyJane's best seller: The latest version is tricked out for travel with a universal adapter, a travel lock so it won't go off in your bag (thank you!), a portable charging base, and a cute little case so the TSA can leave something to the imagination.$175,

A futuristic take on the traditional bullet. "Like the sex-toy equivalent of E.T., it quietly phones home — I put it on the highest power and let the flat spaceship side rove on my clitoris during a…solo expedition," reports Genevieve S., 21. Plus, it powers up via a magnetic charger — no batteries necessary — so it'll never die right before you're about to lift off.

  1. 3. Crave Duet ($149,

Nestled in a lipstick-size case and billed as quiet enough to use in a library, it's stealth like a Bond weapon — no one would guess it's a mini-vibrator with two prongs designed to hug your clit sensually. "It feels like buttah, and even the lowest setting packs a punch," notes Bridget M., 27. Its velvety tips also work on nipples and balls. As you do.…

4. JimmyJane Little Chroma ($125,

If metallics are the new neutrals, this chic sexcessory — intended for light labia buzzing or internal G-spot exploration — is so now. A gentle vibe with one speed, it's smooth, skinny, and ideal for newcomers. "It's the perfect size for my hand. The big draw is that it's waterproof.I got a nice steamy, solo shower going, turned it on…and then turned myself on," says Audrey B., 24.

Shhh…Secret Sex Toys

Fool the snoops in your life with these covert (even cuddly!) orgasm gadgets. We won't tell a soul.

(A) Sqweel 2 ($59,

Looks like a personal fan. Actually: a cunnilingus simulator! "I loved this Thumbelina-size Ferris wheel of silicone tongues," reports Andrea F., 31. "One of its seven settings is perfectly melodic and sensual." Second only to a real, live tongue.


(B) Kandi Kisses Lipstick Vibe ($59,

Thank Real Housewives of Atlanta diva Kandi Burruss for this "perfect mini-vibe." —Lisa A., 26

(C) I Rub my Duckie ($35,

"I started using the bill on my clitoris in the shower, but I liked the way the tail felt better!" —Amanda J., 22


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